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American Built,
American Proud

For Champion Shuffleboard, American built is a way of life. Every table starts as unfinished wood at one end of the building in our Richland Hills TX facility, where we do all the cutting, forming, curing, sanding, staining, processing and packing.

What does it take to be a Champion?

We take “American built” seriously. Here in our Richland Hills, TX facility, unfinished wood comes in one end, and finished tables go out the other. This allows for unbeatable quality and customization.

Don’t be fooled by a beautifully crafted cradle that contains a Grade D playfield. With 30 years of experience building AND playing shuffleboard, we are constantly refining and improving the processes for building, curing and adjusting playfields. When you purchase a Champion Shuffleboard table it’s the whole package: great to play, and great to look at when you are not playing.

Our 1/4″ thick “Lifetime Polymer” coating finish ensures a great playing surface that’s hassle-free, and our Sun-Glo line of products keep that playfield in prime condition.

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