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About Us

American Built, American Proud

American built is not just a trendy buzzword at Champion, but a way of life. Some operations have “American Assembled” product built elsewhere, shipped here and “put together” in the United States. At Champion, unfinished wood comes in one end of the building, we do all the cutting, forming, curing, sanding, staining, processing and packing here in our Richland Hills TX facility, and finished tables leave our dock.

As a result we have control over our quality that producers located elsewhere cannot match, as well as a far greater ability to allow that extra degree of customization.

It’s not a Champion table, it’s your Champion table.

The Playfield is the Heart

Don’t be fooled by a beautifully crafted cradle that contains a Grade D playfield. Think about the game!  What good is a showcase football stadium or baseball park if the grass is poorly maintained and the field uneven?

With our “Lifetime Polymer” finish, a 1/4″ thick polymer coating is applied over the maple playing field. This polymer eliminates the task of sanding down and refinishing — an annual headache with competing products. It saves the game owner valuable time and money for game maintenance. The “Lifetime Polymer” finish provides a fantastic playing surface that players can count on and is guaranteed for the life of the game board.

With 30 years of experience building AND playing shuffleboard, we have constantly refined and improved the processes for building, curing and adjusting playfields, and our Sun-Glo line of products keep that playfield in prime condition. 

Not that Champion Shuffleboard cradles aren’t beautifully crafted with premium woods and a wide selection of stains and finishes available. When you purchase a Champion Shuffleboard table it’s the whole package: great to play, great to look at when you are not playing.

Playing the game of shuflleboard.

Keep Your Shuffleboard Table Playing Like a Champion

To keep your Champion Shuffleboard table in prime playing condition and to ensure decades of enjoyment, we formulate the Sun-Glo line of Shuffleboard powders, waxes and care products.  For us, it’s not simply building the best Shuffleboard table, it includes the best possible playing experience for years to follow.  To meet our strict quality and performance standards, Sun-Glo products are also manufactured in our Richland Hills TX facility.  It’s the only way we can be sure they’re worthy of our good name. 

Optional Coin Operation for your Business

A great return on an investment

Unlike video game profits which start out high and then decrease, shuffleboards make more money the longer they are in a location. In an average location each game will collect $80.00 per week or $4123.00 for the year. That’s a great return on an investment!

Champion’s innovative pingate makes coin-operated play practical for locations where time play is not.

Scoring Units & Accessories

Fully customizable

If you are looking for ways to enhance your Champion shuffleboard table, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several optional scoring units available to choose from. These additional features will take your game to the next level by adding more accuracy and convenience to the game. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, these scoring units offer an amazing and user-friendly experience that will make your game more enjoyable and fun.

About Valley-Dynamo

Valley-Dynamo manufactures table games commonly found throughout bars and homes across 6 continents out of a 163,000-square-foot facility in Richland Hills, Texas, USA. Starting with Valley billiards in 1945, the company has since expanded to include Champion Shuffleboard, Connelly Billiards, Dynamo air hockey, Tornado foosball, and Sun-Glo shuffleboard accessories.

When you purchase a Valley-Dynamo family game table, you can be sure your product is made in America, crafted with excellence.

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